VMware Validated Design (VVD) for SDDC on Dell EMC VxRail

Accelerating the path to the VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Offering VVD with complete vSAN, NSX and vRealize capabilities on the No.1 Dell EMC HCI platform. VMware Validated Design (v4.2) Certified Partner Architecture on the Dell EMC VxRail 4.5 based on PowerEdge 14g.

VxRail VVD

The following details the minimum VxRail hardware requirements per region for both the Management & Edge/Compute Workload Domains in order to implement the architecture of a VVD design on VxRail.

VxRail VVD Management & EDGE Compute Domains

VMware VVD Hardware Requirements are documented here on the VMware VVD Planning & Preparation site:

VMware VVD Planning & Prep – Hardware Requirements

Provided the VxRail meets the minimum requirements detailed in the above VMware VVD Architecture Planning & Prep Guide, all VxRail 4.5 14g models, including all-flash, can be used to host the Management or the Edge/Compute workload domains.


VxRail VVD Management Domain

VxRail VVD Management Domain

Based on these requirements the minimum VxRail VVD Management Domain cluster consists of the following hardware BOM as per VMware design:

Management Cluster (Min 4 Required)
CPU 2 Socket / 8 Cores
RAM 192 GB
HDD BOSS with 2 x 240GB SATA M.2
One 400 GB SSD caching tier
Two 1.2TB HDD 10K RPM capacity tier
NICS 2x10GbE & 1x1GbE BMC

Please ensure the VxRail model chosen meets or exceeds these requirements.


Compute/Edge Workload Domain

Minimum tenant Workload Domain has the following requirements:

Compute/Edge Cluster   (Min 4 Required)
Any VxRail Node
Sized based on customer workload
NICS 2x10GbE & 1x1GbE BMC

These VxRail clusters which are focused on tenant orientated resources (Compute/Edge workload domains), should be sized using standard VxRail sizing tools
and practices, based on the specific tenant workload needs:

VxRail Xpress Sizer



VMware VxRail Landing Page

Dell EMX VxRail Landing Page

VVD for SDDC on VxRail Lightboard Overview

VVD on VxRail

VMware Validated Design v4.2 on VxRail 4.5





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