Based on the vSphere v6.0 platform the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.5 solution has a host of new features, code upgrades and converged platforms support which result in an impressive release of the product.

What’s New

Feature wise here are some of the notable feature additions included with EHC 3.5:

•XtremIO DR support with RecoverPoint (Source & Target = XtremIO)
•VMAX3 DR support with VPLEX and RecoverPoint (Source & Target = VMAX3)
•Encryption Services: CloudLink SecureVM v5.0 support
•Add EHC BaaS to existing or imported VMs (New workflow ‘Ingest for DP’)
•Add EHC DRaaS to existing or imported VMs (New workflow ‘Ingest for DR’)
•VMware PSC replaces SSO
•Updated EHC Sizing Tool (platform-driven)

Some of the major code upgrades include:

•vSphere v6.0
•vRealize Suite
•PowerPath/VE 6.0 SP1
•Storage Analytics Suite
•ViPR 2.4 SP1
•NSX 6.2.1
•XtremIO 4.0 SP2 (allows for 8x 40TB X-Brick configs)
•Avamar v7.2
•RecoverPoint & vCenter SRM
•CloudLink SecureVM v5.0

Note: vRealize Orchestrator v6.0.2 is now fully supported in place of vCenter Orchestrator.

For a full and up-to-date listing of all software versions qualified as part of the EHC 3.5 release please refer to the EHC ESSM (EMC Simple Support Matrix) which can be found at either at or Elab Navigator

Supported EMC Storage Arrays: VMAX 2|3, VNX 1|2, ScaleIO, VPLEX, XtremIO and Isilon (Isilon is supported for IAAS only).

Converged Platforms

EHC 3.5 ESSM aligns with VCE Release Certification Matrix (RCM)  6.0.x

In the Converged Platforms space a new EHC management model has been introduced referred to as the EHC Hybrid Management Model which is supported on the VxBlock 340, 540 and 740 models. This new EHC Management model includes a single vCenter by default and utilises the resources and components available in the VxBlock Advanced Management Pod ‘AMP-2HAP’ to include and overlay the EHC Core Pod components allowing for the efficient use of available hardware and software resources. The single cloud vCenter will manage the three associated management pods AMP/Core, Auto and NEI in addition to the Tenant clusters.

‘AMP-2HAP’ – This is the Highly Available Performance AMP which includes three Cisco UCS C220|240 servers and additional ‘FAST VP’ VNXe3200 storage (more detail on AMP-2 Here).

Here is an example diagram of the VxBlock EHC Hybrid Management Model architecture as it applies to a single site VxBlock EHC 3.5 solution (Source: EHC Reference Architecture Guide):


As can be seen from the above diagram both the EHC Core and NEI Pod (includes NSX Edge Cluster) functions are deployed and configured in the VCE factory. The NEI Pod functions are split between the AMP-2HAP (NSX Controllers & Manager) and the Edge Cluster (NSX ESG&DLR). The  3x NSX Controllers on the VxBlock Systems with AMP-2HA Performance hardware enables the VMware NSX manager and the three VMware NSX controllers to be dedicated to a VMware vSphere ESXi host for redundancy and scalability.

Converged Platform offerings are the ideal platforms on which to build an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution whether it be Vblock, Vxblock, VxRack or VxRail there is a use case for all platforms. The latest addition to the portfolio VxRail can be used as an IaaS managed endpoint for vRA in EHC – More information on VxRAIL can be found here. The following diagram sourced from the EHC 3.5 Reference Architecture doc details the EHC services that each converged platform supports with this latest release of EHC:



EHC Demo

The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud demo site is a fantastic resource in order to get a look and feel for the solution:

EHC Solution Documentation

Please refer to the EHC solution documentation for more in-depth architectural and solution details, links to EHC solution docs provided below:

Reference Architecture

This document is intended to provide a brief overview of the solution, the related components, and features and services provided.


Concepts and Architecture

This document provides an introduction to the concepts and architectural options available within the EHC solution, and should be used as an aid to designing an initial EHC deployment.


Administration Guide

This guide covers the various EHC use cases offered by the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution in vRealize Automation.


Infrastructure and Operations Management Guide

This guide covers the various EHC infrastructure and operations management.


Security Management Solution Guide

Security Management – This document provides information on configuring secure system operations for an EMC Hybrid Cloud


Extending Oracle DBaaS with Puppet Enterpirse

This solution guide describes how to integrate Oracle-centric Puppet (Modules and Manifests) with virtual machines created through Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.5


EHC v3.5 Release Notes
The release notes document contains a general overview of what is contained in the EHC v3.5 release.

Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud v3.5 Release Notes_v1.0


  1. Hi David

    Good overview of the new FEHC solution. Some questions re the above images

    1) Where is the vCenter for the Automation cluster environment? I assume it is just dropped off accidentally, or is it using the AMP vCenter?

    2) Does the FEHC solution utilise the VMware VCSA for the PSC and vCenter servers or the windows installations?

    3) Are the RecoverPoint systems the physical appliances or the virtual ones? Assumed physical given the nature of the storage being utilised here (xTremeIO)

    4) I assume the vCenter SRM servers are all living in the AMP cluster, and just not shown.

    I haven’t read through the documents linked to validate (yet), so apologies if it is listed in there.


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