If the situation ever arises where you have lost your XtremIO Management Server (XMS) – do not worry as you can quite easily recover the XMS to its previous state. In this scenario even though you may have lost your XMS any I/O to the cluster is unaffected since the XMS is not in the data path. Therefore an XMS failure will only affect any configuration or monitoring activities of the XtremIO Array and production host I/O will continue as normal. There may be different scenarios of failure since there exists an option for either a physical or virtual XMS; for example in a virtual environment someone may accidentally delete the XMS VM entirely (yes this can happen!).

These are the steps involved to redeploy your XtremIO XMS; it really is a straight forward process since the database is stored on the controllers and during the recovery process the XMS will sync up with the controllers in order to gather all the existing configuration required to return your management console to working order.

The first step is to re-install the XMS image, in the event it is a physical XMS then you may install an image via a USB flash drive or for a virtual XMS simply deploy the provided VMware OVA image. The following step is to upload the XMS software to the images directory of the XMS and login with install mode ……..

Once logged into the XMS console with xinstall then perform the following sequence of steps:
1. Configuration
5. Perform XMS installation only
11. Run XMS Recovery


Options to choose when running the “XMS Recovery”:




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