Encountered the following error while completing a Fresh Install of Inyo File (Dart) on a VNX VG8 with code level 7.1 (Also experienced the same issue with another system running Rockies File 8.1):


Task [12/61] "install_nbs_for_cs0" has failed.
1. Type 'no' to the retry this task, and the upgrade stops.
2. Fix the problem from this console.
3. Rerun the 'install_mgr' command to restart the upgrade at this task.
- Escalate this issue through your support organization if you require
assistance with directions or resolving the problem, and provide the
following information:
* This task output, output from following directions, and the upgrade log.
Do you wish to retry this task [yes or no]? no

Install is still in progress. When you are ready, rerun install_mgr to resume
the operation.
Status: Failure
Actual Time Spent: 201 minutes
Total Number of attempts: 2
Log File: /var/log/nas_install.log
Operation failed. Please press Enter to acknowledge this message.
You may login again as required, to correct the reported problem.
You may then type /bin/install_mgr to retry the failed operation.
Would you like to retry install_mgr? [yes or no]: no

Choosing ‘no’ for the previous two options allows the user to breakout of the installation at this point and resolve the issue by zeroing LUN 0. Firstly; proceed to check if the NAS services are started:
[root@ControlStation0 ~]# /nasmcd/sbin/getreason
6 - slot_0 control station ready
4 - slot_2 configured
4 - slot_3 configured

Reason Code 6 – Indicates the Control Station is ready, but is not running NAS services.
Restart the NAS Services using the command /sbin/service nas start

Zero out Control LUN 0
Use the following command from the Control Station in order to Zero Control LUN 0:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/nda bs=1MB count=134

[root@ControlStation0 ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/nda bs=1MB count=134
134+0 records in
134+0 records out
134000000 bytes (134 MB) copied, 1.27847 seconds, 105 MB/s

Resume Installation:
[root@ControlStation0 ~]# install_mgr
Starting install_mgr -verbose -mode install -file /tmp/ksnas.cfg...


5:44:12 [ 12/61 ] install_nbs_for_cs0 22 minutes

Problem Resolved and installation completes successfully:

Congratulations!! Install for VNX software to release 7.1.74-5 succeeded.
Status: Success
Actual Time Spent: 227 minutes
Total Number of attempts: 3
Log File: /nas/log/install.7.1.74-5.May-17-01:56.log

[root@ControlStation0 nasadmin]# /nas/sbin/getreason
10 - slot_0 primary control station
5 - slot_2 contacted
5 - slot_3 contacted

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