While performing the Validation during a VxRail install we hit the following error:

Unable to complete configuration: Mixing hybrid and all flash hosts is not supported

vxrail validation mixing disks1

By examining the logs we discovered one of the VxRail nodes had x7 disks listed, considering this a two disk group (2xcap+1xcache per DG) configuration we were able to identify the presence of a foreign disk type. On further examination we concluded that we had not disconnected the Virtual Media from the iDRAC virtual console (ISO attached to RASR the VxRail hosts).

vxrail validation mixing disks2

Disconnected the virtual media via iDRAC console and re-ran the validation:

vxrail validation mixing disks3A

Validation completes successfully:

vxrail validation mixing disks4


Six disks listed as expected:

vxrail validation mixing disks3

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