Cisco MDS Zoning – RENAME

In this post, I’ll detail some useful commands that can be leveraged to rename Cisco zoning components:


RENAME ALIAS FOR HOSTS (vsan id of 10):
switch(config)# fcalias rename old-AliasName new-AliasName vsan 10
switch(config)# zone rename old-ZoneName new-ZoneName vsan 10
switch(config)# zoneset rename old-ZoneSetName new-ZoneSetName vsan 10

Once complete Activate and Commit these changes:
zoneset activate name vsan10_zs vsan 10
zone commit vsan 10

To view the changes made:

switch# show fcalias
Displays alias mappings.

switch# show zone
Displays zone mappings.

switch# show zoneset
Displays all zone sets.

switch# show zoneset active
Displays the active zone set for each VSAN, including
which devices have logged in and are communicating.

switch# show flogi database
Displays the devices that have logged into the fabric.
Retrieve pWWNs for aliases and zoning from this

Example of changing 4 Hosts on both Fabric A&B:

Fabric A
fcalias rename VMwareESX4_v0 VMwareESX5_v0 vsan 10
fcalias rename VMwareESX3_v0 VMwareESX4_v0 vsan 10
fcalias rename VMwareESX2_v0 VMwareESX3_v0 vsan 10
fcalias rename VMwareESX1_v0 VMwareESX2_v0 vsan 10

zone rename VMwareESX4_v0-VNX5400-b4 VMwareESX5_v0-VNX5400-b4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX4_v0-VNX5400-a4 VMwareESX5_v0-VNX5400-a4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX3_v0-VNX5400-b4 VMwareESX4_v0-VNX5400-b4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX3_v0-VNX5400-a4 VMwareESX4_v0-VNX5400-a4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX2_v0-VNX5400-b4 VMwareESX3_v0-VNX5400-b4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX2_v0-VNX5400-a4 VMwareESX3_v0-VNX5400-a4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX1_v0-VNX5400-b4 VMwareESX2_v0-VNX5400-b4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX1_v0-VNX5400-a4 VMwareESX2_v0-VNX5400-a4 vsan 10

zoneset activate name vsan10_zs vsan 10
zone commit vsan 10

Fabric B
fcalias rename VMwareESX4_v1 VMwareESX5_v1 vsan 11
fcalias rename VMwareESX3_v1 VMwareESX4_v1 vsan 11
fcalias rename VMwareESX2_v1 VMwareESX3_v1 vsan 11
fcalias rename VMwareESX1_v1 VMwareESX2_v1 vsan 11

zone rename VMwareESX4_v1-VNX5400-b1 VMwareESX5_v1-VNX5400-b1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX4_v1-VNX5400-a1 VMwareESX5_v1-VNX5400-a1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX3_v1-VNX5400-b1 VMwareESX4_v1-VNX5400-b1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX3_v1-VNX5400-a1 VMwareESX4_v1-VNX5400-a1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX2_v1-VNX5400-b1 VMwareESX3_v1-VNX5400-b1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX2_v1-VNX5400-a1 VMwareESX3_v1-VNX5400-a1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX1_v1-VNX5400-b1 VMwareESX2_v1-VNX5400-b1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX1_v1-VNX5400-a1 VMwareESX2_v1-VNX5400-a1 vsan 11

zoneset activate name vsan11_zs vsan 11
zone commit vsan 11

For additional information about all Cisco SAN-OS commands, refer to the Cisco MDS9000 Family Command Reference.

7 thoughts on “Cisco MDS Zoning – RENAME

  1. it’s quite useful for storage admins and very much informative
    Request you share on cisco troble shooting procedure if ypu have any.

  2. Your blogs are really useful…Thanks !
    I’m trying to rename zone in cisco switch, getting below error.

    (config)# zone rename ESX05_HBA2_P1_SPB2 ESX05_HBA1_P2_SPB2 vsan 2
    Rename requested for a non existing zone

    Please help…

  3. Thanks for reply David…my colleague had renamed the zone already but didn’t activated the zoneset. It worked after activating zoneset 🙂

  4. Hi David I have brand new MDS cisco 9710 switch no fabric only one switch I have created VSAN and active zoneset but no zones . Next day I have added one zone into active zoneset all looks good but I am facing problem in removing the zone in active zoneset I have enabled enhanced Zone mode. can you please help me

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