In this post, I’ll detail some useful commands that can be leveraged to rename Cisco zoning components:


RENAME ALIAS FOR HOSTS (vsan id of 10):
switch(config)# fcalias rename old-AliasName new-AliasName vsan 10
switch(config)# zone rename old-ZoneName new-ZoneName vsan 10
switch(config)# zoneset rename old-ZoneSetName new-ZoneSetName vsan 10

Once complete Activate and Commit these changes:
zoneset activate name vsan10_zs vsan 10
zone commit vsan 10

To view the changes made:

switch# show fcalias
Displays alias mappings.

switch# show zone
Displays zone mappings.

switch# show zoneset
Displays all zone sets.

switch# show zoneset active
Displays the active zone set for each VSAN, including
which devices have logged in and are communicating.

switch# show flogi database
Displays the devices that have logged into the fabric.
Retrieve pWWNs for aliases and zoning from this

Example of changing 4 Hosts on both Fabric A&B:

Fabric A
fcalias rename VMwareESX4_v0 VMwareESX5_v0 vsan 10
fcalias rename VMwareESX3_v0 VMwareESX4_v0 vsan 10
fcalias rename VMwareESX2_v0 VMwareESX3_v0 vsan 10
fcalias rename VMwareESX1_v0 VMwareESX2_v0 vsan 10

zone rename VMwareESX4_v0-VNX5400-b4 VMwareESX5_v0-VNX5400-b4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX4_v0-VNX5400-a4 VMwareESX5_v0-VNX5400-a4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX3_v0-VNX5400-b4 VMwareESX4_v0-VNX5400-b4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX3_v0-VNX5400-a4 VMwareESX4_v0-VNX5400-a4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX2_v0-VNX5400-b4 VMwareESX3_v0-VNX5400-b4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX2_v0-VNX5400-a4 VMwareESX3_v0-VNX5400-a4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX1_v0-VNX5400-b4 VMwareESX2_v0-VNX5400-b4 vsan 10
zone rename VMwareESX1_v0-VNX5400-a4 VMwareESX2_v0-VNX5400-a4 vsan 10

zoneset activate name vsan10_zs vsan 10
zone commit vsan 10

Fabric B
fcalias rename VMwareESX4_v1 VMwareESX5_v1 vsan 11
fcalias rename VMwareESX3_v1 VMwareESX4_v1 vsan 11
fcalias rename VMwareESX2_v1 VMwareESX3_v1 vsan 11
fcalias rename VMwareESX1_v1 VMwareESX2_v1 vsan 11

zone rename VMwareESX4_v1-VNX5400-b1 VMwareESX5_v1-VNX5400-b1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX4_v1-VNX5400-a1 VMwareESX5_v1-VNX5400-a1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX3_v1-VNX5400-b1 VMwareESX4_v1-VNX5400-b1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX3_v1-VNX5400-a1 VMwareESX4_v1-VNX5400-a1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX2_v1-VNX5400-b1 VMwareESX3_v1-VNX5400-b1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX2_v1-VNX5400-a1 VMwareESX3_v1-VNX5400-a1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX1_v1-VNX5400-b1 VMwareESX2_v1-VNX5400-b1 vsan 11
zone rename VMwareESX1_v1-VNX5400-a1 VMwareESX2_v1-VNX5400-a1 vsan 11

zoneset activate name vsan11_zs vsan 11
zone commit vsan 11

For additional information about all Cisco SAN-OS commands, refer to the Cisco MDS9000 Family Command Reference.


  1. it’s quite useful for storage admins and very much informative
    Request you share on cisco troble shooting procedure if ypu have any.

  2. Your blogs are really useful…Thanks !
    I’m trying to rename zone in cisco switch, getting below error.

    (config)# zone rename ESX05_HBA2_P1_SPB2 ESX05_HBA1_P2_SPB2 vsan 2
    Rename requested for a non existing zone

    Please help…

  3. Thanks for reply David…my colleague had renamed the zone already but didn’t activated the zoneset. It worked after activating zoneset 🙂

  4. Hi David I have brand new MDS cisco 9710 switch no fabric only one switch I have created VSAN and active zoneset but no zones . Next day I have added one zone into active zoneset all looks good but I am facing problem in removing the zone in active zoneset I have enabled enhanced Zone mode. can you please help me

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