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Cisco Nexus 3064 – Configuring Jumbo Frames

The default MTU size on a Nexus 3064 switch is 1500 bytes, the following details how to reconfigure the switch for a system wide MTU value of 9216(jumbo). ——————————————————————————– Note: The Cisco Nexus 3000 Series switch does not fragment frames. As a result, the switch cannot have two ports in the same Layer 2 domain with different maximum transmission units […]

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Cisco MDS Zoning – RENAME

In this post, I’ll detail some useful commands that can be leveraged to rename Cisco zoning components: FCALIAS ZONE ZONESET RENAME ALIAS FOR HOSTS (vsan id of 10): switch(config)# fcalias rename old-AliasName new-AliasName vsan 10 RENAME ZONES: switch(config)# zone rename old-ZoneName new-ZoneName vsan 10 RENAME ZONESETS: switch(config)# zoneset rename old-ZoneSetName new-ZoneSetName vsan 10 Once complete Activate and Commit these changes: […]