vRA 7.x – Using Cloud Client to remove virtual machines

There are different scenarios for taking this course of action as detailed in VMware KB2144269 in my case this was a result of losing my lab vCenter which resulted in a manual effort to remove reservations, VM’s and tenant. The following details how to cleanup the virtual machines associated with a ‘Devops’ business group which prevented deletion of the associated reservation:


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DellEMC EHC – ‘Onboarding A Local Cluster’ (Part 2)

The following two-part post details how to add an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) vSphere Local Cluster, in EHC terms we refer to this cluster type as LC1S (Local Copy on One Site).

There are a number of prerequisites required in advance of running the Onboard Cluster workflow in EHC, namely:

  • Add a Site
  • Add a vCenter
  • Add a Hardware Island

Part 1 addresses the first two prerequisites (Add a Site, Add a vCenter):

DellEMC EHC – ‘Onboarding A Local Cluster’ (Part 1)

The following Part 2 post details how to:

  • Add a Hardware Island
  • Run the Onboard Local Cluster workflow in EHC

Adding A Hardware Island

An EHC hardware island is a set of compute, network and storage resources belonging to one vCenter for example a hardware island may consist of  subset of resources on one VxBlock, a vCenter can accommodate multiple hardware islands. A hardware island can support multiple vSphere clusters. A ViPR vArray can only be associated with a single hardware island. For further information on the EHC hardware island please refer to the EHC Concepts & Architecture Guide.

Begin by logging into the EHC tenant portal as the system administrator with entitlements to the EHC Maintenance catalog items. Navigate to: Catalog -> EHC Configuration -> Hardware Island Maintenance:

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