“The vCenter Server Appliance is a preconfigured Linux virtual machine, which is optimized for running vCenter Server and the associated services on Linux.”

Detailed VMware overview of VCSA found here.

The following tables detail the latest sizing requirements for VCSA 6.0 (VMware VCSA Sizing KB), both Embedded and External.

Embedded = vCenter + PSC running on the same Linux based appliance.

External = PSC running on a dedicated Linux based appliance.

Embedded VCSA Sizing:

External VCSA Sizing:


Resizing the VCSA Memory and CPU is supported, although it is advised to size your VCSA for future growth and avoid this scenario if possible. If you start at for example a TINY VCSA configuration and you now have a requirement to jump to a higher spec, then you can increase the CPU&Memory based on the sizing detailed above for S/M/L. For example, if have deployed a SMALL VCSA and  you now require a Medium sized VCSA, you can modify the CPU/Memory to 8/24. This change can be achieved by shutting down and editing the hardware properties of the VCSA itself.

William Lam’s Post covers the Memory and CPU resizing topic in some detail here: Dynamic memory resizing for vCenter Server 6.0

In the case of resizing the VCSA storage requirements, please see the following VMware KB & Virtnet Blog:

Increasing the disk space for the VMware vCenter Server Appliance in vSphere 6.0

How to Increase VCSA External PSC Disk Space in vSphere 6

Really COOL VCSA & PSC Poster can be found here:

Introducing the vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 Reference Poster

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