DellEMC EHC – ViPR vPool Volume Migration

This post details the procedure and EHC validation steps to execute in order to move an EHC ViPR provisioned volume to a different ViPR virtual pool leveraging the ViPR Change Virtual Pool services.

High level steps that will need to be followed:

  • Create a new ViPR vPool with all identical properties except for one that you are changing (Best to use the duplicate button and then modify the copy).
  • Migrate ViPR Volume(s) to the newly created vPool using ViPR workflow.
  • Delete old ViPR vPool.
  • Rename the newly created ViPR vPool to the ‘Old pool name’

Renaming the new vPool with the old name results in a successful EHC StaaS provisioning task utilizing the original SRP. Continue reading