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VCF on VxRail – Useful Log File Information

The following log file info is especially useful during the implementation stage, VI WLD create/delete/expand or LCM related tasks. The log files for the VCF photon based appliances can be accessed either via console or SSH. VxRail  /var/log/vmware/marvin/tomcat/logs/marvin.log /var/log/vmware/loudmouth/loudmouth.log VC Conversion log: cat /mystic/vxrail_vvd_vc_conversion.log cat /var/lib/vmware-marvin/ JSON: cat /var/lib/vmware-marvin/config-journal.json | json_pp ###Useful Log analysis commands### # cat marvin.log # tail […]

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EMC VNX – List of Useful NAS Commands

Verify ‘NAS’ Services are running: Login to the Control Station as ‘nasadmin’ and issue the cmd /nas/sbin/getreason from the CS console. The reason code output should be as follows (see detailed list of Reason Codes below): 10 – slot_0 primary control station 11 – slot_1 secondary control station 5 – slot_2 contacted 5 – slot_3 contacted Complete a full ‘Health […]

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Mail Flow Troubleshooting

NSLOOKUP At the command prompt type “NSLOOKUP “. This will give you a “>” prompt. Type “set type=MX “. Type “ “. You should now get the MX records for “”: Non-authoritative answer: MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = internet address = internet address = internet address = Or Use […]

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EMC VNXe – Troubleshooting NFS Connectivity

Step1 Check the Health status of the Link Aggregation: uemcli -d -u Local/admin -p Password123# /net/la show -detail 1: ID = la0_SPA SP = SPA Ports = eth2_SPA,eth3_SPA Health state = OK (5) 2: ID = la0_SPB SP = SPB Ports = eth2_SPB,eth3_SPB Health state = OK (5) Step2 Ensure the Network Interface for NFS is correctly configured: uemcli […]