One method of consuming the available VxRail APIs is by leveraging the VxRail API PowerShell Modules Package from within your Windows OS using PowerShell. Each public API has a corresponding PowerShell cmdlet included in the VxRail PowerShell modules starting with VxRail 4.7.300. The API User Guide can be found here:,-4.7.x,-and-7.0.x-API-Guide.pdf?language=en_US

Please see post covering install:

Below are a few sample GET commands where I connect to the VxRail Manager ( In these examples I have included filters to return some specific info:

For a Full list of available Get commands:

Get-Command -Module VxRail.API.* -Name Get*

Retrieve the Bring-Up status:

Get-BringupProgressStatus -Server

Retrieve VxRail System information: Code Version | No. of Hosts | Cluster Type | External VC

Get-SystemInfo -Server -Username administrator@vsphere.local -Password pw | ft -Wrap version,number_of_host,cluster_type,is_external_vc

Retrieving VxRail Manager detail:

Get-SystemVirtualMachines -Server -Username administrator@vsphere.local -Password pw

Retrieving Hosts IP detail: Host Name | IP Set

Get-SystemClusterHosts -Server -Username administrator@vsphere.local -Password pw | ft host_name,ip_set

Retrieving Hosts detail: Host Name | Serial Number | PSNT | Power Status

Get-Hosts -Server -Username administrator@vsphere.local -Password pw |ft hostname,sn,psnt,power_status

Retrieving Hosts detail: Host Name | Firmware Levels

Get-Hosts -Server -Username administrator@vsphere.local -Password pw |ft hostname, firmwareInfo

Retrieving Hosts detail: Host Name | NIC Details

Get-Hosts -Server -Username administrator@vsphere.local -Password pw |Format-Table -Wrap hostname, nics

Retrieving Hosts detail: Serial Number | VxRail Model | Health Status

Get-Chassis -Server -Username administrator@vsphere.local -Password pw | ft sn,model,render_category,health

Retrieving Available Hosts for Node ADD:

Validating Health of VxRail:

Get-Cluster -Server -Username administrator@vsphere.local -Password pw | ft health

Get-SystemHealth -Server -Username administrator@vsphere.local -Password pw

Confirm vCenter Mode:

Get-VCenterMode -Server -Username administrator@vsphere.local -Password pw | ft vc_mode

Retrieving Disks detail:

Get-Hosts -Server -Username administrator@vsphere.local -Password pw |Format-Table -Wrap hostname, disks

Excellent set of resources maintained by Karol @cl0udguide can be found here:

VxRail API—Updated List of Useful Public Resources

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