The following details the steps involved when performing a shutdown of a VxRail Cluster.

This task can easily be performed from within the vSphere HTML client through the VxRail plugin. Click on the Cluster name -> Actions -> VxRail -> Shut Down:


Click Next to perform a sequence of automated pre-validation checks on the cluster:


As can be seen from the Error below there are non-VxRail virtual machines running within the cluster. Basically we consider the following 3 virtual machines as VxRail system owned and shutdown of these is performed gracefully using this automated shutdown procedure:

  1. vCenter
  2. PSC
  3. VxRail Manager

All other Virtual machines running on the cluster must be manually shutdown in advance of a controlled VxRail shutdown.


Looking at the list of running virtual machines on the VxRail cluster we can see that ‘test-vm’ is still powered on:


After powering off the non-VxRail virtual machine namely ‘test-vm’ and re-running the validation we can now see we are in a good state to perform a graceful shutdown of the VxRail cluster:



Confirm that you are ready to proceed with the shutdown:


Shutdown execution in progress:


Confirm shutdown status in the VxRail manager web.log:

/var/log/mystic # cat web.log | grep “cluster shutdown: true”

2019-10-15T12:52:19.479+0000 INFO [Thread-353] com.emc.mystic.manager.web.service.ClusterShutdownServiceImpl ClusterShutdownServiceImpl.lambda$shutdown$0:62 – cluster shutdown: true

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