Dell EMC ViPR 3.6 – VMAX Export Path Adjustment

A very useful new feature in ViPR 3.6 is the ability to increase/decrease the number of fibre channel paths on an existing VPLEX or VMAX export (host/cluster). The following example showcases the ability to increase the path count for a VMAX backed ViPR Export Group.

Note: If you want to adjust the path for an export where there are pre-existing masking
views for a host or cluster in the export group, first ingest any volumes exported to
the host. Example ViPR Ingest Procedure.

As can be seen from the following screen captures the export group consists of 2x ESXi hosts with each host having 2x initiators and each host presently configured for 1x FC path per initiator, as part of this example we will double the total fc paths per host from 2 to 4.

Export Group named ‘EHC’ details:


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