vRealize Automation 7.1 – Create Machine Prefix, Business Group & Add Reservation (Part 4)

vRealize Automation 7.1 – Create Endpoints & Fabric Groups (Part 3)

Before creating the Business Group we firstly need to create a Machine Prefix which can be used by the Business Group to create IaaS resources.

1. Create a Machine Prefix

VMware Machine Prefix Definition: You use machine prefixes to generate the names of provisioned machines. Machine prefixes are shared across all tenants. You should assign a default machine prefix to every business group that you expect to need IaaS resources. Every blueprint must have a machine prefix or use the group default prefix. Fabric administrators are responsible for managing machine prefixes. More detail on Machine Prefixes here.

Login as a Fabric Admin (which we created in the previous post) to create the machine prefix: Continue reading