DellEMC EHC – ‘Onboarding A Local Cluster’ (Part 1)

The following two-part post details how to add an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) vSphere Local Cluster, in EHC terms we refer to this cluster type as LC1S (Local Copy on One Site) other EHC cluster types include:

VS1S – vSAN Storage on One Site (not used by STaaS)
CA1S – CA VPLEX Metro Storage on One Site
CA2S – CA VPLEX Metro Storage across Two Sites
DR2S – DR RecoverPoint Storage across Two Sites

For details on how to add other cluster types please refer to the EHC Admin Guide:

ENTERPRISE HYBRID CLOUD 4.1.2 Administration Guide

There are a number of prerequisites required in advance of running the Onboard Cluster workflow in EHC, namely:

  • Add a Site
  • Add a vCenter
  • Add a Hardware Island

Part 1 will address the first two prerequisites (Add a Site, Add a vCenter).

The below flowchart details nicely what is required in terms of prerequisites and is provided for throughout the EHC Admin Guide for the various cluster types (thanks @LifeOfBrianOC):


Note: this post provides an example and does not substitute for the EHC Admin Guide. Continue reading