VCF 4.4 On VxRAIL 7.0.320 Release

VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4 on Dell VxRail 7.0.320 is now available. The following is a list of all the components and their versions as per VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4. Security Update: VCF 4.4 On VxRail 7.0.320 includes the critical Apache Log4j Remote Code Execution Vulnerability fixes. Some other notable highlights of this VCF 4.4 release include: vRealize LCM initiated from vRSLCM […]


VCF On VxRail 3.X – Bring-up Failed to apply default vSAN policy

This is a known issue and documented in the release notes: ‘If bring-up fails when deploying the second Platform Services Controller (psc-2), retrying bring-up will fail with the error Failed to apply default vSAN policy. The cause is that the original deployment of psc-2 was not removed from the vCenter Server inventory.’ Release notes: The workaround as per detailed in […]


VxRail ‘Dynamic Nodes’ – Fibre Channel Storage

The definition of a VxRail Dynamic node: ‘VxRail systems that are compute-only nodes used to form a vSphere cluster.’ This essentially means that a VxRail Dynamic node cluster relies on having external storage acting as primary. Support for HCI Mesh and FC based external storage compute-only clusters was introduced as part of the VxRail 7.0.240 release. These compute-only ESXi VxRail […]


VxRail – Lookup Service Tag/Serial Number

See also related Post: In addition to the physical tag at the front of the VxRail appliance you may also leverage PowerCLI, ESXi console or vCenter GUI to pull the ST/SN of each VxRail appliance. PowerCLI Get-Hosts -Server VxRailManager_IP -Username administrator@vsphere.local -Password PW |ft sn, hostname ESXi Console Per individual host: /opt/vxrail/tools/ipmitool fru print 17 vCenter UI With the […]


VxRAIL – Installing API PowerShell Modules

One method of consuming the available VxRail APIs is by leveraging the VxRail API PowerShell Modules Package from within your Windows OS using PowerShell. Each public API has a corresponding PowerShell cmdlet included in the VxRail PowerShell modules starting with VxRail 4.7.300. The API User Guide can be found here:,-4.7.x,-and-7.0.x-API-Guide.pdf?language=en_US Steps to install the VxRail API PowerShell Modules Package […]


VCF On VXRAIL 4.2 – Walkthrough (Part3: NSX-T EDGE AUTOMATION)

This is the third post in a series of posts covering VCF On VxRail 4.2. The previous posts detailed an example walkthrough covering the process of: Deploying a VxRail Management Workload Domain cluster Deploying VMware CloudBuilder for VxRail Bring-Up of VCF 4.2 Deploying a VI WLD Part 1 & Part 2 Versions used in this example are VCF 4.2 & VxRail 7.0.131. Release Notes: […]

Dell EMC 0

Dell EMC Networking – Configuring Layer-2 Mode

Switch model: S4048-ON Code Version: 9.10(0.1) 48 Ten GigabitEthernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s)6 Forty GigabitEthernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s) Brief detail in relation to setting Layer-2 switchport mode on all 48x10GbE ethernet interfaces to support L2 VLAN based networking: cork-vxrail1-tor#conf tcork-vxrail1-tor(conf)#interface range tengigabitethernet 1/1-1/48cork-vxrail1-tor(conf-if-range-te-1/1-1/48)#switchportcork-vxrail1-tor(conf-if-range-te-1/1-1/48)#no shutcork-vxrail1-tor(conf-if-range-te-1/1-1/48)#exitcork-vxrail1-tor(conf)#exitcork-vxrail1-tor# To revert to non switchport mode: cork-vxrail1-tor#conf tcork-vxrail1-tor(conf)#interface range tengigabitethernet 1/1-1/48cork-vxrail1-tor(conf-if-range-te-1/1-1/48)#no switchportcork-vxrail1-tor(conf-if-range-te-1/1-1/48)#exitcork-vxrail1-tor(conf)#exitcork-vxrail1-tor#


VCF 4.x – ‘Failed To Assign Role Admin TO ESXi User’

I hit the following issue recently while creating a VCF 4.1 ‘NSX-T VI Workload Domain‘ for a VCF on VxRail solution: Referring to the VMware VCF 4.0.1 Release Notes (extract): VI workload domain creation or expansion operations fail If there is a mismatch between the letter case (upper or lower) of an ESXi host’s FQDN and the FQDN used when […]

Dell EMC 0

Dell EMC Networking – Configuring MTU

Switch model: S4048-ON Code Version: 9.10(0.1) 48 Ten GigabitEthernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s)6 Forty GigabitEthernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s) Brief detail in relation to setting an MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) value on all 48x10GbE ethernet interfaces to support Jumbo Frames: cork-vxrail1-tor#conf tcork-vxrail1-tor(conf)#interface range tengigabitethernet 1/1-1/48cork-vxrail1-tor(conf-if-range-te-1/1-1/48)#mtu 9216cork-vxrail1-tor(conf-if-range-te-1/1-1/48)#exitcork-vxrail1-tor(conf)#exitcork-vxrail1-tor#show interfaces tengigabitethernet 1/1 | grep MTUMTU 9216 bytes, IP MTU 9198 bytescork-vxrail1-tor# To revert to default MTU value […]


VxRail 7.0 – Useful Log File Information

The following log files can be accessed either via console or SSH to VxRail Manager. Useful VxRail Manager 7.0.010+ Log Files Note: SLES15 is the OS used for VxRail Manager. Monitor VxRail bring-up logs: dayone.log , short.term.log & firstboot.log: dayone.log – detailed information in relation to initial first run configuration. (/var/log/microservice_log/dayone.log) short.term.log – micro services related information. (/var/log/microservice_log/short.term.log) firstboot.log – detailed information […]